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meet our staff




Johnny was born in Lakewood CO and grew up in Des Moines, IA. He started his music journey back in 2004 after picking up a bass then moving onto guitar. After buying a Presonus "studio kit" in 2011 he immediately feel in love with the possibilities of Producing and Audio Engineering and has been doing it regularly since. After moving to Colorado Springs, CO he opened AML Production Studio on March 1st of 2018. When he's not at AML he's likely to be found hunched over his laptop at his home studio working on beats or the "next idea".


Lead Engineer/Producer

Franchize was born in Colorado Springs, CO. He found music at a very young age and decided to pursue it himself "the day after he saw the movie Hustle & Flow" Franchize started Producing back in 2005 on FL Studio 5 with like minded friends. A few years later in 2009 he started Audio Engineering and has been doing both ever since. As the lead engineer at AML Production Studio he offers a friendly and exciting studio personality that is guaranteed to get the artist in the zone and hyped about bringing their ideas to life. When he's not at the studio you can usually find him fishing. 

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Devin Malloy


Dev was born in Stonington, CT. He found his love of music at the age of 10 with playing drums. Dev started Producing in 2008 and Audio Engineering in 2009. Dev earned his master’s in Contemporary Performance and Production at the Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain. For the past four years, Dev has been travelling around the world experiencing different cultures and perspectives, as well as the various meanings they attach to music. Working as a gigging musician, music producer, educator, and audio engineer, Dev continues to approach every opportunity as a chance to dig deeper into understanding, creating, and living life as an artist and musician. Dev is a co-teacher for music production lessons at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. If he's not working on music you can usually find him at the closest rock climbing gym.

Nate Mitchell


Nate was born in Albuquerque, NM. He picked up a camera and started his photography journey back in 2015 then followed up the next year doing videography. He earned the opportunity to shoot dozens of celebrity hip hop concerts in 2018. Nate brings a refreshing addition to the cities videography/photography scene with a very recognizable style to his work. With stand alone quality and raw ingenuity, he is sure to leave clients with a lasting impression. When he is not behind a camera he can usually be found traveling to find the worlds best taco joint.




Z0N3 was born in Aurora, CO. He started his music career as a rapper back in 2012 with our Lead Engineer Franchize. Since then he has been pushing the limits of "the norm" by creating exciting and unique music that is a style all his own. in 2020 he teamed up with Nate Mitchell and started diving into directing video shoots. He strives to exceed client expectations by going above and beyond to bring their ideas to life with a video that will captivate their fanbase. When he's not at the studio he can likely be found playing basketball or binge watching Harry Potter.

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