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Location-1413 Potter Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Hours Of Operation- 10am to 10pm. 


•Studio has cameras inside and outside

•All sessions require a 50% deposit to book (NON-REFUNDABLE)

•Engineer only waits 15 mins before session is cancelled (unless otherwise discussed)


Contact us fo our hourly rate

•4 hour recording minimum


All in house producers!



Fame The Producer


Contact us for pricing and licensing info!


MP3 or WAV

We work with Logic Pro X and Pro Tools and can upload session files if whole folder is sent to us.

For mastering only please skip to step 6.

  1. Please separate each audio file separately and name it: "Intro Verses, Intro Verses Adlibs, Intro Chorus, Intro Chorus Adlibs, Intro Intro, Intro Bridge, Intro Outro & Intro Beat"

  2. Please save each audio file to absolute zero: (00.00)

  3. Please save a reference version of the song and name it: "Song Name Rough"

  4. Please include all files zipped up in a folder titled the Name of your song

  5. Include a text file with all of the names of any text that you want to include in the CD Text-Names of songs with features-Names of Produced by

  6. Included in the text file please add specific instructions that client wants such as: effects, panning, beat drops, stutters, buildups, ETC

  7. If text file is not included for specific instructions then engineer will mix and master song to what sounds best. (Revisions will not be made if no text file is added for specific instructions)

  8. Upload your Zip file to Google Drive or Dropbox. Then send to

  1. Services payable via PayPal, credit/debit or cash.

  2. Mixing/ Mastering will begin when files and payment have been received

  3. Please note that engineer has the right to ask for changes to be made before mixing and mastering process begins. For faster process follow steps thoroughly.



  • Masters will be delivered when final billing is paid for.

  • AML Recording Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen items

  • No Smoking in studio or within 15 feet of the building

  • Absolutely no underage drinking is permitted on the premises (we will check your ID)

  • No Firearms are allowed inside the studio

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