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Playlists, Playlists, PLAYLISTS!

It's no secret that landing your music on playlists is a must if you want to grow your audience. But HOW do you do it? With so many options and scammers out there is is hard to find truth in the BS!

There are really two routes to take. Finding curators that accept free submissions and those that require payment. But be careful, a lot of these "curators" that require payment are a SCAM! They are going to feed your music into a "streaming farm" that will give you the numbers you want but none of it will be organic. It's just a number on the screen that didn't actually do anything to help you further your career and grow your fanbase. Not to mention if Spotify catches wind they can ban your account and POOF there goes all your hard work!

In this email I am going to focus only on the free option. If you are looking to pay for promotion and playlist submissions you will have to do your research on which company will work best for you within your personal budget.


Soundplate is a GREAT free service to help get your music onto Spotify playlists. They have a wide variety of options from smaller playlists to larger ones and best of all, it's FREE! Check out their website below to start submitting your music!


Indiemono is also a great choice when looking for playlist submission. You can check them out here!


MySphera takes submissions across TONS of different genres and have a wide variety of playlists sizes.

Playlist submission is a must for all artists no matter what level you're on. It's best practice to start you morning with submitting your music to different playlists.

I recommend doing a bit of research before submission. You don't want to submit the wrong type of track to the wrong playlist. It will just get denied and you've wasted precious time. If you don't get picked up by playlists right away don't get discouraged. These playlists get TONS of submissions.

Be sure to check us out at AML Production Studio for your next project. We offer industry ready sound, instrumentals, coaching and songwriting!

Best of luck!


AML Production Studio

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