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What’s up? We at AML wanted to put more of a spotlight on artists in our area, welcome to the first “AML Artist Spotlight” We sat down and chopped it up with 27 Club today. Check out what they had to say!

(Left to right) Reid Coke, Wolfie D. Villalobos, Jay Lowkey)

Q - What is 27 club?


Wolfie D. Villalobos (27 club’s manager)

27 Club is a collective of creative minds. Currently consisting of Jay Lowkey Wolf Villalobos(designer, manager) and Reid Coke (rapper) The idea was started from Jay and Wolf and is based off the creativity expressed from those who were always picked last in life; the outcasts, Weirdos, etc. cool isn’t defined by society but defined by confidence and self love, not everyone is gonna like you, but they’re not supposed to. By doing what you love and not fearing oppression for being different. That to us is 27 Club. It’s also an ode to the legends who died at 27 basically symbolizing that we live forever and our credo is Lords Never Die. 

Q- Tell us about yourself


Reid Coke - I am 20,  I turn 21 in January! I’m a Capricorn! I was born in raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 


Jay Lowkey - I’m 28 and I’m from Nomansland, England


Q - What you made you start writing music?


Reid - I started writing music when I was about 11. I would just make little acoustic songs than progressed to playing guitar for metal bands that never really started up. I always have written poetry and lyrics since I was about 15. Than about a year ago I started writing lyrics for hip hop/rap music and I loved it. The energy and feelings from putting a bunch of words together in different rhythms and vibes is so sick to me.


Jay - Music is my savior, and I always have had such a natural talent for it that i had to do something with it. Music is the only thing that doesn’t make me second guess my thought process, i really don’t have to think much about it, it’s kind of like a second language to me no lie. 


Q - How has being an artist impacted you life?


Reid - I think being an artist has impacted me in tremendously positive ways. I have very high anxiety and also bi-polar disorder and just writing music has been the biggest and best coping mechanism I’ve have ever found. If I’m sad I can write sad music if I’m hype I can write a hype song.


Jay - Pretty Drastically, anywhere from creating enemies i never knew existed to getting mad props and recognition from people that didn’t even acknowledge my existence before, being an artist in the limelight is hard because you never know whose about you or whose about whats possible to become of you.


Q - What are you goals in the music industry?


Reid -  I hope to make it out world touring and that is the ultimate goal. I wanna see how beautiful the world is and all the different people that live here and with that me performing my music to other people in other countries. That would be so awesome.


Jay - I really don’t have a goal, just to be able to be consistent with my character, i feel like as long as you stay true to your being you can never go wrong and no one can ever deny you of you. 


Q - What do you feel you bring to the industry?


Reid - I feel like I’m a completely different individual when it comes to music making and how I process my words and flows based on how I feel. I’ve always been a metal head and I think that definitely influences my writing style and different variations of flows/rhythms I create.


Jay - A lot of culture, I mean i’m a biker rap rocker who worships Kid Cudi, I bring a character and artistry no one has ever seen, I hope to bring more of the idea of “no category” I’m pretty sure you’ll never able to confine my creativity to one idea. 



Q - Who are your influences/idols?


Reid - I think as far as influences go I would have to say Eminem ,Mac Miller, Flatbush zombies, Russ, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, Asking Alexandria, A day to remember , bring me the horizon. All these groups and individuals have changed my perception on life, on what I could and what I can achieve.


Jay - My musical influences are Kid Cudi, Kurt Cobain, Asap Rocky and Schoolboy Q in that order. 


Q - Tell us about your favorite show


Reid - This last show on October 19th is by far my favorite show we’ve done so far. The crowd reaction was so live and we fucking rocked that stage. Started a mosh pit, got everyone on stage, was definitely wild.


Jay - Loiter Squad is my shit but bobs burgers is a close second. OHHH concert? I don’t really have one


Q - If you could be any animal what would it be and why?


Reid - If I could be any animal i would be a lion. King of the jungle bitch!


Jay - I would be an owl, one because it’s my favorite, but two owls are portrayed as the bird of wisdom and I’ve always been described as way ahead of my time.


Q - Do you have advice for other artists starting out?


Reid - I would just say keep going, don’t give up, don’t look down, always strive to be better and do better as a human being than as a musician it should all come together.


Jay - The only advice i would have is try to stay original as best as you can and listen to feedback, people know what they wanna listen to at the end of the day. 


Q - Do you have anything you want to say to your fans/supporters?


Reid - Thank you everyone who’s supporting us and who’s been fucking with us, we love this shit and plan on continuing to spread positivity and greatness with our music.


Jay - I appreciate the love and you rockin with the demons, make sure to stay hydrated before coming to our shows, its 27 till the after life and hope to see ya’ll soon. 

Check out 27 club below

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